001. Loving Beyond Boundaries

“Loving Beyond Boundaries.”  In her book, Loving, written on the 50th Anniversary of the Loving Case, ending anti-miscegenation laws in America on June 12, 1967, author Sheryl Cashin’s opening sentence reads: “To love beyond boundaries is the most radical of acts.”  This is the first podcast from Chip and Terri Freed. Chip is the lead pastor of Garfield Memorial Church garfieldchurch.org in Cleveland, Ohio. Garfield is one of the most multi-ethnic, economically diverse churches in Ohio and Chip is a leader in the Mosaix Global Network. In this episode, Chip and Terri talk about why they are doing this podcast, why it is called “Freed4Love” and how they believe love can cross barriers created by division. They also give high tribute to Richard and Mildred Loving and their courageous love that blazed the trail,

2 thoughts on “001. Loving Beyond Boundaries

  1. What a beautiful love story that ended in marriage! I will share this podcast with my granddaughter who is in a interracial relationship. Thank you Freed4love for sharing.

  2. A take away I have is love over comes boundaries. Pastor Chip had some boundaries toward meeting a woman that melted away and didn’t matter, because he fell in love with Terri

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